Selling Art: How Hard Can It Be? Do you truly value your talent as an Artist?

August 6, 2019

Stop donating all the fun and profit in the acquisition of your art to gallery middlemen


Follow the footsteps of a highly-successful fellow artist and see how pleasurable it is to sell to customers who are thrilled to buy. 


Gallery Ownership A Reality, Not A Pipe dream

So what's next on horizon? With editorial publication opportunities at an all time low and chasing late payment amounts that equate to those who want to live in a cardboard box. More and more professionals photographers are finding it incredibly tough out their and have turned there attention to tours and workshops a market that is over crowded landscape with no regulation standard's what's so ever. Win award or two and many have propelled themselves as photo experts such is the desperate state of the market. There is a business solution out there for you and an innovator who leads the way in the world of photo art galleries. Galleries! a licence to print money is what eminent fine art photographer Peter Lik described his gallery business and how right he is. So don't just think about it, do something about and start earning your true value and release the artist within and enjoy the benefits selling to an awaiting audience.


The Creation

People get an addictive kick out of discovering art, buying it, bringing it home and displaying it to be admired by all. That's the thrill of art for the customer. So why continue as an artist who only gets a small percentage (%) of the benefits of their art - the creation?


The Creator

Stop being scared of the business of selling and step forward as the person customers most want to engage with - the creator. Selling your work yourself does not make you less of an artist, instead it shows you understand the benefit of your talent in other people's lives. It also shows that you understand that you are a better artist when your bills are paid and you can indulge your creative nature.


Learn with luxury gallery owner Geoff Scott Simpson how to sell in person and to any corner of the world, online. Get discovered with optimum SEO. Optimize your sales with mobile-friendly web hosting. Give yourself the tools for the artist of the 21st century. Stop thinking selling is too much hassle; everything is easier than you think and the return is two-fold: happy artist with good profits and happy clients enjoying your pieces (and happy to tell the world about it.)


The Business of Gallery Ownership

Two-day on-site workshop in UK @ £1,850.00 - including return flights to the UK & Accommodation.

Two-day gallery business workshop in Ronda / Marbella @ £1,450.00


For further details contact Scott directly:

•   Tel / WhatApp: 0034 602 520 697 

•   Email:


Geoff's Credentials

•   Owner of one of the world's most beautiful and successful showroom galleries in Ronda, Spain.

•   New luxury showroom gallery open October 2019 - Belgravia, London.

•   Cartier trained sales person.

•   Sales manager for corporate hospitality software vendor Micros-Fideleo.

•   Innovative - The first professional photographer in Europe to advertise One-2-One format                    tuition/workshops (Outdoor Photography - March 2001) the rest as this say is history.