Luxurious Showroom Gallery - Ronda, Spain

Windsor (UK) Opening 2020

Due to Spanish Government restrictions regarding COVID-19

and for obvious health reasons we are currently closed until further notice.

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Showroom Galleries

My eponymous showroom gallery, SCOTTSIMPSONFineArt unquestionably one of the most stunning installations of its kind. Located in the beautiful Andalucian city of Ronda made famous by Goya, Ernest Hemingway & Orson Wells. This spacious gallery lies opposite the famous Parador Hotel adjacent to El Tajo bridge and notoriously superb views. Gleaming polished marbled floors and white stonework lay the backdrop for some of the most captivating pieces of nature, landscape and cultural photography one could imagine. My new prestigious showroom gallery opens its doors to the public in 2020 in the heart of Windsor adjacent to the world-renowned castle.

Ethos & Philosophy

• Provide the best customer service possible with the WOW FACTOR in abundance.

• Obsess over customers; not competitors.

• Give ourselves the autonomy to be remarkable.

• Think outside the box; it's what makes us unique.

• Find happiness in the success of others.

• Stay humble

Polar Opposites

What would opposites former British Prime Minister Theresa May and Ricky Gervais consent to having in common? His work causes people to reflect on commercial premises and private collections around the globe.

Artwork Media

Luxury HD Glass Acrylic • Kodak HD Metallic • Kodak Endura Metallic • Hahnemühle Pearl FineArt, William Turner, Torchon, Photo Rag & FineArt Baryta.





Artist Proofs

An 'Artist's Proof' is the most exclusive artwork available for purchase with only two editions ever being produced and targeted at art collectors and those wanting to own unique artwork. The acquisition is on a work-by-work basis with values commencing at 15.000€. (Fifteen-thousand euros).

Certificate of Authenticity & Embossing

A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies all 'Limited Edition' artwork. We emboss all Hahnemühle artwork with the ScottSimpsonFineArt Limited Edition logo; each piece is signed and numbered accordingly.

Adjacent to the famous El Tajo bridge in the centre of Ronda, the ScottSimpsonFineArt showroom gallery is fabulous with many of the artworks depicting local scenes and aspects of Andalucian culture. Each masterpiece is produced to the highest standard. Well worth a look if you are in Ronda - or even a detour there to see them.

Mark Bennett / London • England 

Wonderful experience, great photography and a must-visit for art lovers...

Mukul Dhyani / Frankfurt • Germany

Exquisite artwork and gallery, incredible experience!

Kelly Müeller / Paris • France

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