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The impact of beautiful fine art nature photography in our homes and places of work. Art Industry experts agree that two-dimensional wall art now, more than ever, holds a critical role in creating visually impactful interior design. An essential component of a modern home, the opportunity and importance of wall art is widely recognised by designers, interior decorators and influencers around the world. While most of us will never have the opportunity to own a Picaso or Rembrant the opportunity to create visually engaging wall spaces with two-dimensional art is available to us all. 

Fact most home owners know little to nothing about art or interior design. All too often, wall art is only considered at the end of a room's design, after the furniture has been placed and walls given their decided appearance of colours. This is unfortunate, because when beautiful wall art is chosen thoughtfully as part of the design process, it can shape the feeling and dynamics of an entire space. While you may be unsure of where to begin or even why you should consider fine art nature photography as a focal point in your home or office, continue reading below for more information, inspiration and points to consider before you get started. 


















Define Your Interior Space 

Colour Palette & Dynamic Contrast 

Reasons Why Fine Art Nature Photography by Geoff Scott Simpson can help define interior space. When deciding on a final color palette during the design process, it can be frustrating trying to tie in other elements that are equally personal and important to you. Choosing the right piece of fine art photography provides the opportunity of endless colour combinations, from simple and subtle to dynamic, finished with its smooth lines and polished appearance, can also provide a beautiful contrast to soft fabrics, furniture and other visual elements across a room.

A Visual Focal Point 

One of the most important principles in interior design is the need for every space having a focal point, drawing the eye of those who enter. Easily identified spaces such as a wall above a fireplace or across the top of a large bed, provide an instant finished appearance when filled with quality wall art. Our connection to the natural world around us is present in every decision we make and our deepest thoughts and emotions.

The most important consideration when choosing a piece of art as a focal point is the physical size of the artwork. Too small of a piece will look out of place and go against the very objective you are trying to attain. Too large of a piece will create tension, drawing attention for all the wrong reasons. In smaller sizes, the impact is often reduced or sometimes even lost on the viewer but in larger pieces, abstract nature photography is one of the most thought provoking and visually stunning ways to show fine art in your home or office. In the same way that colour can provide contrast, the lines, shapes and fluidity of abstract art can provide contrast to the often hard edged elements of furniture and natural surfaces in your home.   

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