An Interview with Geoff Scott Simpson

Don't even think about trying to pigeonhole Geoff. The Andalucian-based British photographer has a footprint that's stamped across a wide range of genres. He's the prime architect behind the highly successful business ScottSimpsonFineArt, a series of luxurious showroom art galleries that catapulted Geoff into the world of fine art photography.

In 1998 Scott Simpson entered the world of editorial photography, and for a while, he enjoyed a great deal of success, but it never felt quite right. Just how many versions of how to control 'depth of field' can you write? Precisely! It all got very boring for me very quickly; I needed more than this to satisfy my ambitions as a professional photographer, and more so as a person. I mean I was 36-years old at the time and had walked away from a career as a Consultant Gemmologist in the City and was regretting not having pursued my musical ambitions if truth be known, throughout the 1970's and 1980's saxophonists were in high demand and session work was being offered to me right, left and centre. Instead of taking the risk of a full-time musical career I chose a rather conservative career path and regular income by becoming a highly-qualified gemmologist working with the best in the precious gemstone and jewellery industry, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, there was never a dull moment each day brought new and exciting challenges. 

Your primary focus at the moment is expanding the showroom gallery business.
What drew you to establishing a financially viable working model?
I've waited 20 years for the artist in me to be able to express my work in a manner to was entirely happy work. You spend tens of thousands on gear, travel and you are rewarded by having your work displayed at 72 dpi and write a page of words in some editorial magazine, no thanks that's not for me. 

Currently, his focus is working at expanding his gallery business, the photographer is enjoying significant acclaim and commercial success with his Ronda gallery which attracts thousands of visitors and buyers each year. As an idiosyncratic artist, Scott Simpson has explored the genres of nature, wildlife, landscapes, architectural, sport and culture with varying degrees of commercial success. Scott Simpson is unique in that he also had a former career as a Gemmologist so there is nothing he does not know about optics. Technical expertise and the discerning eye of an exceptional naturalist have certainly produced a unique collection of images. It helped further his pragmatic streak, one which finds him balancing aesthetics and audience appeal in order to propel his output as far as it can go. 

I have always been besotted with the natural world in terms of its beauty and was fully cognizant of how privileged I was to live and have access to areas and at best semi-intact ecosystems. My nature watching days as teenager painfully awakened me, more fully than books and other media ever could, to the destruction of areas on my local patch and no doubt across the planet. I remember in October 1998 walking along an ancient woodland track through the pine woodlands on Garn Boduan a mountain close to the village of Nefyn, Llyn Peninsula, Wales and discovering a badger skull encrusted with numerous lichens species. I returned a couple of days later to find the entire woodland had been felled instantly destroying an entire ecosystem in a matter of days, not unlike trunk carcasses chained to log trucks in the Amazon and outback of Australia. I saw first-hand how the web of destruction was as intricately, interdependently woven as the web of life.

At the same, my nature walks in the Peak District National Park, Snowdonia and the Highlands of Scotland taught me the beauty of what existed in my own backyard, to me these were all exotic environments.